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Workplace Resources & Services

The Workplace Resources and Services Centre (WRS Centre) provides a range of quality products, tools and consulting services to enable business to minimize risk and perform most effectively.

Stephen Nance

Stephen Nance is the WRS Centre's Director Workplace Relations Services, and provides professional industrial relations consultancy services to the Australian business community.


HR Services We can provide your business with practical solutions to everyday employment challenges. LEARN MORE >>

IR Services Minimize the risk to your business! We have a team of professionals that cover a wide range of industries and specialities of practice. LEARN MORE >>

OHS Services The WRS Centre has a range of alliance partners and consultants to provide your business with Occupational Health & Safety consultancy services. LEARN MORE >>

Product Overview


All tiers of government in Australia legislate to ensure employers meet minimum conditions. The introduction of the Federal Governments Fairwork Act enforces even more obligation on employers to comply with workplace legislation pertaining to workplace policies, procedures and employment contracts. Failure to demonstrate due process may be deemed as a breach to the legilsation therefore it is imperative to review existing policies, procedures and workplace documentation to ensure they meet the minimum provisions of the new Act.


"Please renew our subscription to HR Advance ASAP. This service is invaluable and has been an excellent information resource to us."

Paul Cook, former CEO
HN McLean Memorial Retirement Village

Free Demo

You can access a free demonstration of HR Advance in operation producing an employment contract.

HR Advance

HR Advance is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced web based HR Toolkit available in Australia.

HR Advance: The point of difference....taking the pain away.

  • Is online and allows all documents to be fully customised
  • A massive library of customisable HR/IR documents
  • Creation of legally sound workplace agreements, employment contracts, workplace policies and forms including Letters of Engagement, Letter regarding termination, incentive and bonus policy, Parental leave policy ,and much more
  • Is constantly updated based on legislative changes, case law developments, best practice, and subscriber feedback.
  • Newsletter updates on legislation changes
  • Guides, checklists and business tips - including redundancy checklists, performance management checklists and more

Changes in the Industrial Landscape -especially the Fair Work Act, the economic environment, and employment market are a minefield for most businesses, especially SME's.

The new legislation will reintroduce the threat of unfair dismissal claims, and the need for compliant policies and procedures for all businesses, especially those with 15 -100 employees, who until now, were partially shielded from the workplace relations minefield.

OHS Advance

OHS Advance is a CD based toolkit, designed to help your business implement an OHS Management System. It is an easy to follow step by step CD ( burned as close to order placement as possible to ensure currency), containing policies, procedures, checklists, forms and training material, and reference material on OHS Law, including links to your state legislation.

Many businesses take risks by not having an OHS system in place. Many are unaware of their responsibilities, and do not know how and what is required of them.

OHS Advance is an easy flexible solution to assist in making businesses of all sizes compliant, efficient and safe with:

  • A self assessment tool - assess your current level of compliance
  • A safety plan - tailored to meet your specific requirements
  • Checklists, factsheets, procedures and instructions - covering areas such as workplace substances, manual handling, drugs &alcohol, contractor safety, incident management and more
  • Training and support material - covering topics including manual hadling, risk management, chemical safety and housekeeping issues.
  • Induction presentation - assists in training new staff
  • Forms - to assist with record keeping

OHS Advance is designed for: