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IR Consultacy Services

Welcome to the WRS Centre -IR Consulting, which provides a range of services to small, medium and large organisations. We assist business owners to understand the Workplace Relations legislative requirements impacting on their business. We live in a more complex legal system and making decisions today, you need to understand whether those decisions could result in fines or penalties because you have breached some aspect of the new industrial laws.

To assist businesses we have specialist staff that can provide the following support in a timely and practical application taking into account our knowledge of the industry. Our services include:

• Assist in your business to draft enterprise agreements and to assist your business to understand the new laws under Fair Work Act 2009 or making agreements under the State Industrial Relation laws.

• Provide interpretation on awards and Industrial legislation.

• Represent your business in Industrial Tribunals in dismissal matters, wage claims and other industrial matters.

• Assist in resolving industrial disputation in the workplace.

• Conducting audits to ensure that your business is complying with the new industrial laws.

• Drafting contracts of employment.

• Drafting Policies and Procedures and Guidelines.

• Undertaking workplace investigations into Harassment, Discrimination and Workplace Bully.

• Representing businesses in the Anti-Discrimination tribunal

• Undertaking mediation.

• Provide advice on dismissals and redundancies.

• Provide written advice on award and workplace relations legislation.

• Assist in WorkCover claims.

• Assist in helping your business to restructure to ensure your business is meeting the legislation requirements

• Providing advice on transmission of business under the various state and federal legislation.

If you would like to discuss your IR needs with us, please contact Stephen Nance by email on stephen@wrscentre.com.au.