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All tiers of government in Australia legislate to ensure employers meet minimum conditions. The introduction of the Federal Governments Fairwork Act enforces even more obligation on employers to comply with workplace legislation pertaining to workplace policies, procedures and employment contracts.

Failure to demonstrate due process may be deemed as a breach to the legilsation therefore it is imperative to review existing policies, procedures and workplace documentation to ensure they meet the minimum provisions of the new Act.

The cost of defending any breaches are distracting, time consuming and expensive. Additionally, there are usually large fines imposed for non-compliance (especially for incorporated entities). Ignorance is not a defence should your processes been deems unlawful, your business therefore should be ever vigilant in achieving and maintaining compliance of the laws. It also makes sense as a strategy for long term business success.

The Workplace Resources and Services Centre have a range of compliance solutions for small, medium and large business to allow you to get on with the job of doing business.

Industrial Relations /Human Resource Management

HR ADVANCE can easily and effectively exceed your business obligations regarding Hiring and Termination, Unfair Dismissal, Award Conditions, Disciplinary Procedures, Contracts of Employment, Employment Agreements, Workplace Agreements , Harassment/Bullying, Discrimination, Redundancy, Workplace Policies and Procedures, Codes of Conduct, Workplace Inductions, Occupational Health and Safety

Workplace Health and Safety (OHS or WH&S)

Implemented and executed correctly, OHS ADVANCE can reduce the risk to your business of workplace injury resulting in loss of production, workers compensation (Workcover) claims and resulting increased premiums.

Business Management

Managing a business has been described as juggling many balls in the air at one time. Some of these balls (disciplines) you are very familiar with, while some are outside of the scope of a managers’ /owners’ discipline. The WRS Centre provides you with access to specialist consultants selected for their effectiveness, value for money and proven record. In some cases the consultants may recommend using a Business Vitality Check, a cost effective web based business diagnostic tool that benchmarks the health of your business and identifies the performance drivers of your business that require attention. By acting on this assessment, you will boost your business performance to the benefit your bottom line.

You may consider utalizing these compliance tools along with engaging one of our quality consultants should your organisation desire a more aggressive approach to business improvement strategies and accelerated organisational transformation.