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We have a range of business tools to improve your businesses compliance and performance!

The WRS Centre is an authorised reseller for a range of products from Australian Business Limited (ABL)

It is ABL's key objective to provide cost effective, user friendly, compliant HR and OHS business tools. They have achieved this goal by securing the best of practice services,technicians,and consultants to develop and consistantly update a range of tools for employers and HR and WHS professionals to leverage.

The core products are:

1. WorkplaceInfo

WorkplaceInfo is a website dedicated to Industrial Relations issues Australia-wide. With over 3000 subscribers, WorkplaceInfo is the perfect resource for busy IR & HR professionals who need quick access to the latest information. Features include daily emails with the latest news, information and analysis,"Ask an Expert" service, and a comprehensive library of articles and documents.
Keep up to date with all the latest IR news and analysis with Australia’s premier web based subscription resource for IR and HR professionals.
Your subscription to WorkplaceInfo includes:
> Daily morning and afternoon email updates,
> Cases and legislation updates and analysis
> Information on best practice and industry trends > Access to an extensive Q+A library
> Ask an Expert Service – get your specific questions answered

Click here to review Australia's best HR Practitioners Advisory Service

2. WorkplaceOHS

WorkplaceOHS is Australia’s premier OHS news & information resource.
WorkplaceOHS is backed by a team of journalists and experts with a variety of skills and knowledge in OHS, HR and IR. The diversity and independence of information in WorkplaceOHS is critical to the website being a truly valuable resource for Australian OHS professionals in business, unions and government departments throughout Australia who subscribe to the service.
WorkplaceOHS provides you with all the news, tools analysis and advice that an OHS professional needs. It saves you time by offering a single source of the latest OHS information, resources and advice, simplifying the process of keeping your workplace safe.
 WorkplaceOHS is the ideal resource to help in maintaining and updating your company’s existing OHS procedures/systems.
The site covers every aspect of OHS including;
> State by state OHS legislation
> Risk Management
> First Aid
> Hazards
> OHS Consultation
> Workplace Training & Culture
> Workers Compensation
> Roles and Responsibilities for all workers
> Ask An Expert
> Daily news and analysis
> Daily Case Studies

OHS Practitioners Advisory Service

3. HR Advance

Awarded the 2007 Lawtech Award for Innovation in Legal IT
With an ever changing IR landscape, stay on top of your documentation requirements using HR Advance™. Backed by Australian Business Lawyers, this easy to use online tool includes a comprehensive library of fully customisable HR documents, with simple step by step instructions for their creation.

Documents on HR Advance™ include:
> Agreements and Contracts eg contracts of employment
> Correspondence eg Termination & Redundancy letters
> Policy documents eg Drug and Alcohol policy
> Checklists eg Recruitment documents

HR Advance™ subscribers receive regular email updates on the latest changes to legislation and how they relate to your ongoing documentation requirements. HR Advance™ can be tailored to suit your business requirements, from a Basic subscription through to a Professional licence.

HR Tool Kit & Employment Contracts

4. OHS Advance

OHS Advance is an easy to use CD that takes the work out of building or maintaining an OHS Management System. Designed specifically for small and medium businesses.

OHS Advance delivers:
> A comprehensive library of information
> Instructions and advice
> Tools & templates
> Training materials

Whether you are new to OHS or an experienced practitioner, implementing a safer workplace and managing your risks has never been easier.

5. Business Vitality Check(BV Check)

Assess your business health using Business Vitality™Check, a confidential, practical and easy-to-use online diagnostic tool. The business areas covered include:
> customer management
> strategy and planning
> marketing
> finance
> operations

Business Vitality Check will guide you through an assessment of your business using a secure and confidential online diagnostic tool. This tool collates details on your current performance in customer management, strategy and planning, marketing, finance and operations.

Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive report on the health of your business including benchmarks, recommendations and tips to address the areas that most need help.

Your report will also include guidelines on how to maintain your results in healthy performance areas and leverage those successes to benefit your business.