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The WRS Centre provides the following assistance to business

Industrial Relations Consultancy Services
A full IR services offering can be found under the IR Services section on the right hand side of the home page.
If you wish to contact us on an urgent consulting requirement, please contact Stephen Nance at stephen@wrscentre.com.au or phone on 0411692725

Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy Services
Our consultants can assist your business with systems implementation,risk management, ergonomics and most aspects of the safety spectrum.If they believe you require additional or a more specialised service, they will direct you to or reccomend the appropriate providers

Human Resources Consultancy Services
A full HR services offering can be found under the HR Services section on the right hand side of the home page.

HR Management Systems
Contact Craig Nicholls

Training -our Partners
The WRS Centre has several business partners providing a range of specialist training services.

Outplacement Services
We believe our business partner has the most innovative and compassionate service package on the market.They are a long established operation who are recognised for their service excellence and tailored solution options. This practice is used by a range of large corporates and industry leaders as well as small businesses requiring professional support and advice on how to assist with transitions and career architecture.